Saturday, October 4, 2008

Working with high performing team

Not secret anymore, recently I have made one of the most significant move in my career my opting to work with the team HeadspringSystem, the premier agile consulting company based in Austin. It's been my pleasure to work with all BigB's like Jeffrey Palermo, Kevin Hurwitz, Mat Hinze and Jimmy Bogard.

Ever since I stated with new project with this team, I have been learning a lot every day. Be it NHibernate, NAnt, using open source project, spawning new open source project, NBehave, Community Contributed Framework, IoC or applying BDD at work; this team makes every thing so smooth and so juice that you can't live without that it.

Team operate , keeping in mind the sole intention of getting work done and giving product owner what they really like to see in the system (as oppose to doing just what they said initially).  User story flows naturally from left side of the board to Done Done Done column.

If you are wondering how this team attacks individual story, go to my buddy's blog here.

lastly, I here by taking over un-official title of least qualified team member from Matt Hinze. 

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