Friday, March 21, 2008

is it a good idea to include source safe binding information in solution and project file?

Microsoft is, as usual, kind enough to give yet another headache to the development team when they gave TFS. I bet its just copy paste from VSS code. (After all both sucks equally)

What I don't like about both of them is the fact that they uses .net solution file and project file to keep track of these binding information.
Now even if I agree that microsoft was kind enough to give those .sln and .csproj file, that doesn't give them luxury of using those file for whatever they think would be OK.
Now when I am working in integrated VS environment, my .sln and .csproj file has many reason to change and I end up, checking then in every single time. And of course, those .vsssc and what not are all your friends. Every single time when you what to check in, this extra noise is always present.

Dam it!!!! Microsoft sucks....

Why can't I have something like subversion. You better keep track of your binding stuffs separately. Give me subversion and I am happy on any day. But never VSS or TFS

I have been fighting on my current project to see if we can change source control. But the real problem is client has standard across all projects to use TFS. (Some people are blind follower of MS)

So best of luck to me again!!!!!!!!
I am hopping to make difference here.

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